Watch: Amy Poehler’s appropriately hilarious Harvard commencement speech

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Now that we have YouTube, we live in a world where just because you didn't go to Harvard doesn't mean you can't hear the awesome speakers they get for their commencement ceremony each year. (Unless you did go to Harvard, in which case you obviously have to stop reading this right now. Seriously. Leave.) And while some speakers are probably very serious and inspirational and not the sort of thing you watch at your job when no one's looking, this year the speaker was Amy Poehler! Not surprisingly, her speech captures both the deadpan snarkiness of her SNL years and the the heart-warming adorkability of Parks & Recreation.

Oh, it's also fifteen minutes long, though, so don't get too invested if you actually do have work to do:

Sure beats my commencement speaker, who capped off his speech about environmental problems by assuring us, "We can work to solve these issues, but it is probably too late and we have already failed." (Really gave us all a strong sense of what those first few post-college years would feel like, in his defense.)