Watch Amy Sedaris shake her ass in new Maidenform slimming pants

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On Tuesday's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, comedienne and subversive answer to Martha Stewart, Amy Sedaris, made an appearance and, as usual, didn't disappoint. Sedaris, who will be playing a mom in the upcoming Beware the Gonzo (not about Hunter S. Thompson), explained that she had recently received a bag of the new Flexees "Weekender" slimming pants from Maidenform with built-in underwear, perfect for, perhaps, a long weekend hanging out with her brother David, commiserating about how disgusting real Chinese food is while watching reruns of Strangers with Candy.

Sedaris then proceeded to don the ridiculous, form-hugging pants and dance around, practically giving fellow guest Will Forte a lap dance. Pay attention at the 2:15 mark, as the band's guitar player, stunned, watches with mouth agape as the fifty-year-old works it out, appearing to channel an old Molly Shannon character. Later, Sedaris re-plugs her book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, and, since Labor Day approaches, demonstrates for Forte and Fallon exactly how one milks all the sexual-entendre possibilities out of a hot-dogs-on-a-rake bit.