Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is currently contemplating a run for a third presidential term ahead of elections in March of 2012, and the stoic authoritarian has an interesting support-building team in his corner. Attempting to mobilize votes through sex appeal, a group of nubile young women called "Putin's Army" has formed around a Russian social-networking site called V Kontakte. Earlier this month, "Putin's Amazons," as they've been dubbed by Russian media, shot a racy video in which they stripped in support of their guy.

Following that stunt, Army members showed their devotion by offering free bikini car washes outside of a Moscow State University building. (Because nothing shows political unity like soaping down Volgas and Ladas in eight-inch heels.) While covering the story for RT, the multilingual Russian TV news network, the male and female anchorpersons had decidedly different takes on the sexy publicity stunt. The female anchor saw it, in no uncertain terms, as exploitative and said she felt "nauseous." The male anchor, while trying to be diplomatic, allowed that "a lot of people clearly enjoyed it, well, probably males." The tense, awkward silence with which the clip ends is priceless.

No one would be surprised if it turned out that Putin himself was behind Putin's Army; a former KGB operative furtively assembling a team of comely boosters wouldn't be too far-fetched. This is something you would more likely expect to see in Italy though; think "Berlusconi's Booby Brigade" wrestling in olive oil or something. Putin's All-Russia Front probably doesn't require wet-t-shirt trampoline-bouncing to achieve victory; a rigged Duma poll would probably suffice.


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Jul 30 11 - 1:33pm

Not only is the whole Putin's army a stupid and degrading idea, Putin is an asshole.

Jul 31 11 - 10:31am

Brilliant analysis. Thank you!

Jul 30 11 - 2:19pm

Those girls gotta be paid by Putin or something else is going on. However, if politicians here would get army's of hot girls, I'd get interested in politics. If they have to ruin the country no matter what, as is on display right now again, they could at least do it in style :)

Jul 30 11 - 3:31pm

That news anchor was easy on the eyes. She looks nice and juicy. Would love to see her in less clothes.

Jul 31 11 - 8:08pm


Jul 30 11 - 3:48pm
some guy

I'm outraged, dont they know that its degrading to enjoy the female form?! Its even worse if the female(s) in question are enjoying it too..outrages and sad!

Jul 31 11 - 10:45am

Yes, how dare people LOOK at women that have willingly taken their clothing off!

Jul 31 11 - 11:20pm

I'm disgusted. On another subject, does anyone where I can buy a russian built car?

Aug 01 11 - 2:45pm


Aug 01 11 - 5:04pm

I think Vlad cleared that up.

Jul 30 11 - 3:49pm

I get a kick out of the editors who didn't skimp on the T&A. An American clip would have only shown the women from a distance and from the shoulders up.

Aug 01 11 - 4:09pm

What park of America do you live in?

Jul 30 11 - 8:09pm

okay that second video? what the hell? "shoot a video in which you are ripping up something or SOMEONE for Putin." that's great, really. can't wait to see what comes from that.

Sep 05 11 - 11:23pm
no one

lol i cant wait either

Jul 30 11 - 8:12pm

i'm seriously hoping it was just a mistranslation from the russian to english.

Jul 31 11 - 2:01pm

Unfortunately, it wasn't. it's what she actually says.

Jul 31 11 - 4:11am

How is this surprising? Putin has done everything he can to bring Russia back to the Communist days, this is just a cheap way of furthering that goal. He aims to be a dictator, and he is succeeding. I pity the Russian people.

Sep 05 11 - 11:24pm

damn right

Jul 31 11 - 9:45am

Ironic. That news babe got her job on looks. She is may not like it, but she herself is benefiting from the male desire to look at beautiful women. And she is denying her own nature as a human.

Jul 31 11 - 10:50am

that statement is slightly tho think that she got the job based solely on her looks cannot be true. She has to have some sort of an education and at least interned at other news stations. I"m sure she worked just as hard as her male counter-part. She may very well be benefiting from the male desire to look at her,but to think that is the only reason she is there is silly.

Jul 31 11 - 3:14pm

Actually, Scott is right. Check the female reporter's cleavage. She has great attributes but they are not educational.

Aug 01 11 - 5:26pm

The male news anchor is a handsome man. Is that the only reason they hired him?

Aug 01 11 - 5:52pm

No, but it probably helped.

Aug 01 11 - 6:12pm

And I would say the same about the female news anchor: No, but it probably helped.

Jul 31 11 - 10:40am
Mike B

I'm voting for Putin and I'm not even Russian. Haven't even been there, in fact. When I was in the US Marine Corps, the Russian Army was our enemy. Thankfully, the Cold War is over and their Army seems to have changed drastically. I approve of their uniforms and, even though I don't know much about him, I approve of Putin and his minions.

Aug 01 11 - 8:42am
jimmy j

Amen devil dog god bless Putin I wouldnt mind being overrun by that army please invade georgia.

Jul 31 11 - 10:43am
The Shrug

The eye-candy news reporterette doesn't like competition.
*bangs gavel*
Case closed!

Jul 31 11 - 10:49am
Another Dana

I think we may have a glimpse into why the Russkies demographics are in a death spiral.
Worse than the female news reader being nauseous, is a the male being apologetic for even seeing a sexy woman.
Oh, the humanity!

Jul 31 11 - 11:27am
Sir Laughsalot

Perhaps she should be replaced with a real journalist since she seems only capable of tossing out opinions and not actually report any kind of news. The main reason why I don't read most newspapers or watch most news broadcasts anymore. There's no actual news reporting, it's all just opinion.

Sep 05 11 - 11:26pm

and boring...but most of it is opinion

Jul 31 11 - 11:29am
Scott A

The female reporter is being very hypocritical. How does she think she got her job? It certainly wasn't for her keen news insight.

Jul 31 11 - 12:49pm

I guarantee you that female anchor not only looks good partially clothed, but has major issues about it. And likely got passed up for a couple promotions, losing them to a "hotter chick." In any case, all she did was make herself look like a whining prissy wench. Women are `so freaking fortunate that men have hormones which reduce men's thinking to that of a caveman, given the right stimulus. Women can be intelligent, witty, successful, AND be beautiful at the same time! That may be hard to remember for some, given that some beautiful women rely on their good looks more often than their innate intelligence, and don't have a decent balance between the two. It's a long, winding discussion, but as far as I'm concerned, every beautiful bikini-clad woman washing a car is simply utilizing her assets to her advantage. They (usually) _choose_ to participate in what some call "objectification", and if they didn't want to, they wouldn't!

What the female host has done has shown her own prejudice against beautiful women by labeling it "objectification", as if the women's participation in this event automatically means these women don't/can't/won't do things which AREN'T "objectification". How does she know some of them aren't astrophysics majors? It's like bitching about a performance by a naturally gifted pianist or musician; by the same standards, THAT is objectification, but nobody says anything because it's more "classy". Same thing, hypocrite.

I sure hope the female host avoids doing anything for which she feels she is naturally gifted or inclined, since ... that would reduce her to merely a show-off or objectified representation of that talent. Beautiful women do beautiful things, whether it's washing cars or playing chess. Get over it.

Jul 31 11 - 4:24pm
R.J. Johnson

Best ad from Apple Computer I've seen in a long time!

Jul 31 11 - 4:46pm

I believe that I saw a video of the male anchor proposing marriage the the woman. Makes it even more awkward.

Aug 01 11 - 5:54pm

Actually that makes it kind of adorable.

Jul 31 11 - 4:49pm

wow there are some real misogynist slugs commenting here.

"lol lady reporter u mad cuz u not as hot and u probably on the rag lol. oops i did make a beef fart" -mangraa

Aug 01 11 - 7:51am

Ha, thanks for that. :)

Jul 31 11 - 5:11pm

haha, oh I see it's been linked from Fark no wonder we've got the slug brigade in here.

"lol i love authoritarian propaganda. i'm almost too stupid to feed myself but i'm fat anyway" -mangraa

Jul 31 11 - 5:50pm

It's been linked by Fark because she's being stupid.

Glad to see we've successfully exported angry hypocritical feminism to Russia.

BTW, Bench, not every statement critical of women is misogyny, and not everyone with an opinion different from yours is a fat slob incapable of caring for themselves. You should look up misandry, tho. Its a real word, even if your spell checker doesn't recognize it.

Jul 31 11 - 7:39pm

Yeah the persecution of men is really apparent in a comment section full of repulsive slug-men calling a woman an ugly jealous frigid bitch for daring to object when an exploitative piece of authoritarian propaganda is presented as news.

hahahahahah "misandry". Good god. You half-witted potato baby.

Jul 31 11 - 9:25pm

Ummm...benchpress, you may wanna go do some reading.

Misandry is very real, and if you go check real stats on things like this, you'll find that miusandry is silently supported by most people because of the misreporting occurring.

For example, did you know more men experience domestic violence perpetrated by women than woman experience form men? And when women commit such acts, it's usually FAR more violent than what men do (i.e. women use far more deadly means of attacking men).

No,you don't know this, because of your inculcation in the misandryst feminista cause.

Aug 01 11 - 6:18pm

I hereby authorize the summary execution of benchpress by sandwich making until starvation.

Jul 31 11 - 5:39pm

I love how that limey sow just went on and on about degrading it was and how she couldn't watch it. One thing is for sure, I wouldn't want to see her dressed like those Bolsheviks, that would make my eyes close shut for sure.

Jul 31 11 - 5:43pm

I'd be willing to bet if those hard of thinking Russian girls had even the SLIGHTEST INKLING of how utterly evil a man Pooty-poot REALLY is, and all of the nasty things he did or ordered done while heading up the KGB, they would be looking to desert that "Army" in a skinny minute. But hey, if you stick your head in the sand, everything looks all rainbows and unicorns. It sure works for Obama

Jul 31 11 - 7:14pm
ME here

your female "anchor" might want to stop wearing "gapping" tops stretched across her bust, when she is putting forth negative comments about the way other women present themselves

Jul 31 11 - 8:23pm

She was actually dressed quite conservatively. Please suck on a shot gun, pull the trigger, and leave your wealth to charity, freak.

Jul 31 11 - 10:30pm

You may say she's dressed conservatively, but she clearly chose that outfit to best display her...assets.

A slightly less form-fitting blouse would be conservative (you know, one not so tight as to pull on the buttons like hers does).

Aug 01 11 - 5:59pm

As a girl with a decent bust, you're full of shit. Even a comfortably oversized shirt (maybe one or two sizes too big) will produce that gap between buttons. You would have to wear something that is actually shapeless to completely eliminate it. I am quite sure she did not choose that to have you check her out, she chose that because looking business casual for women often involves (1) button-downs and (2) clothes that fit appropriately. So, basically: shaming women for having tits is disgusting, and she was dressed conservatively.

Aug 01 11 - 6:45pm

Not true, but nice try at #1, ad-hominem, and #2, prevarication.

She most certainly chose that outfit because it best displays her's what people do, especially those in media.

Oh, and you pointing out it would be "shapeless" merely supports the fact that she wanted her shape to be apparent!

Thanks for proving my earlier point.

Jul 31 11 - 8:21pm

Putin is a filthy degenerate who deserves rapidly spreading cancer of the anus. I'd gladly be his nurse at the hospice during his final hours so I can make triply sure that the service that he receives is as horrible as the way ordinary citizens are treated in Russia by the corrupt government of a despot, a small-penised dictator. In fact, painful, quick-spreading cancer of the rectum is too good for Putin. Please propose some other remedy.

Jul 31 11 - 9:20pm

I propose an infection by Paragonimous westermanii. That is a NASTY way to go, to have a fluke invade the lungs and then attach itself to other ectopic sites and destroy everything. He rates a slow, painful death like that for what he has inflicted on the Russian people

Jul 31 11 - 9:59pm

I have to agree that the idea of all those scantily-clad women degrading themselves by washing Russian cars is sad. After all, no matter how hard they scrub, those cars are still going to be crap.

Aug 01 11 - 2:34am


Aug 01 11 - 2:34am


Aug 01 11 - 3:57am

Heads - The women washing those cars are being degraded in doing so in the same way that 'actresses' in porno are degraded by that. It doesn't matter if they agree to do it of their own free will or not, it lends to men thinking of women as objects, just like the porn. It is done to sexually stimulate men. The news lady is right in this sense for feeling threatened that such a thing can happen so publically, which is the basis of her revulsion. The fact that men are wired to be visual is just that, fact. Hating it won't change it, but expressing to men why women might feel threatened by such a thing and appealing to their humanity as brothers and fathers might make them consider looking the other way. Talking to your daughters about participating in such behavior and fueling this issue might be another way. Those girls are someone's little girl. How is a sensitive woman supposed to feel?

Tails - The women washing those cars are probably being paid or otherwise compensated for their time, and choosing of their own free will to do what they do KNOWING DAMN WELL that it will turn men on, and probably aren't worried about it. As they are doing it for their own reasons, the news lady needs to RESPECT THEIR FREE WILL and worry about her own life and problems. If she feels threatened, she might consider being constructive instead of whimpering about the injustices that women willingly participate in which lead to them being seen as sex objects. By whining, she's just showing her lack of respect for those women, pissing people off, and driving them farther away from ever taking her point seriously in the first place.

Summery - Can't we all just get along?

Aug 01 11 - 6:49pm

Well stated Coin.

Also, may I add that many women LIKE when men look at them in that way...many women like to know they can get men to have an INSTINCTIVE reaction. (I would say ALL heterosexual women like when they get men to react in this way, because that's just a given-it's part of our nature. But saying something like that would certainly lead to all sorts of "nice stereotyping" comments.)

Crying about it after the fact is hypocritical.

Aug 01 11 - 10:42pm

Where were these women when Bill Clinton was in office?

Aug 05 11 - 5:41pm


Nice ripost there TexasJack. MANY women were supportive of CLinton and condemning of Monica and (rightfully so) Linda Tripp.

But that's the hypocrisy of a group, not one woman. This happens to be hypocritical of one woman, who's job is not-insignificantly related to her attractiveness and how she dresses (just like the male news anchor).