See an awkward exchange between news anchors after watching scantily-clad Russian girls wash cars

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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is currently contemplating a run for a third presidential term ahead of elections in March of 2012, and the stoic authoritarian has an interesting support-building team in his corner. Attempting to mobilize votes through sex appeal, a group of nubile young women called "Putin's Army" has formed around a Russian social-networking site called V Kontakte. Earlier this month, "Putin's Amazons," as they've been dubbed by Russian media, shot a racy video in which they stripped in support of their guy.

Following that stunt, Army members showed their devotion by offering free bikini car washes outside of a Moscow State University building. (Because nothing shows political unity like soaping down Volgas and Ladas in eight-inch heels.) While covering the story for RT, the multilingual Russian TV news network, the male and female anchorpersons had decidedly different takes on the sexy publicity stunt. The female anchor saw it, in no uncertain terms, as exploitative and said she felt "nauseous." The male anchor, while trying to be diplomatic, allowed that "a lot of people clearly enjoyed it, well, probably males." The tense, awkward silence with which the clip ends is priceless.

No one would be surprised if it turned out that Putin himself was behind Putin's Army; a former KGB operative furtively assembling a team of comely boosters wouldn't be too far-fetched. This is something you would more likely expect to see in Italy though; think "Berlusconi's Booby Brigade" wrestling in olive oil or something. Putin's All-Russia Front probably doesn't require wet-t-shirt trampoline-bouncing to achieve victory; a rigged Duma poll would probably suffice.