Watch: BBC’s sexiest show comes to America with “Torchwood: Miracle Day”

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Have any of you seen Torchwood? It is by far the best TV series about sex monsters ever spun off from a children's show. (Sorry, "Dora the Explorer and the Mystery of the Swing Party." You get the silver medal.) If you watched the first two seasons, you probably hated it, because it varied in quality so much it made Glee look consistent, but if you watched the third, titled "Children of Earth" — which was more like a miniseries, shown over the course of a week — you know the gripping, action-packed greatness it can achieve once it abandons said sex monsters. And now the show has become a joint production between the BBC and Starz, premiering on both sides of the Atlantic at the same time. Here's a trailer:

Thankfully, it looks like the show is sticking to the trend set in the previous season. And for all the crap I'm giving it, I must say that a show in which all the lead characters were bisexual was a refreshing change of pace. Let's hope that in its jaunt across the pond, it kept its sexual curiosity without backsliding into its earlier, more schizophrenic ways.