Watch: Betty White does a birthday shot with David Letterman

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What is there really to say about Betty White at this point? You can only call someone awesome so many times before you start sounding plain boring. So without further ado, this is a clip of Betty White doing a shot of vodka with David Letterman to celebrate her eighty-ninth birthday:

My God, I'm sure I would be so tired if I were Betty White. I'm tired now just thinking about all the stuff she does and I've barely even put on real clothes today. But that is why she's getting a comic book made of her life and I'm using an unpacked box of textbooks as an end table.

Side note: The Golden Girls must have had some amazing casting directors to find four leads who were all so undeniably kick-ass. For instance, did you know that Bea Arthur was a Marine in World War II? That show really hit the jackpot.