Watch: Bill Maher and Jane Lynch’s dramatic reading of “The Weinerlogues”

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The public shaming of an indiscreetly amorous congressman continues, and Bill Maher recruited upcoming Emmys host Jane Lynch to join him on Real Time last night for a dramatic, verbatim recitation of text from actual communications between Rep. Anthony Weiner and a Las Vegas blackjack dealer named Lisa Weiss. (Dare I say Tiger Woods is jealous?)

"Dame" Jane Lynch steals the show here, with her supremely meta-ironic reading of the Lisa lines, as softly tinkling chamber music plays in the background. It comes off as a radio play from the forties, only with anachronistic subject matter and candor. "The Weinerlogues" at least elevates Weinergate to a rung on the comedy ladder a little higher than bad puns. It's official: this whole tawdry ball of wax is here to stay. Best to make a candle out of it and hold vigil for a pre-internet world where the dissemination of humiliation wasn't the common currency. (Grouchy grandfather voice: "And stay off my lawn!")