Watch: Billy Crystal discusses the orgasm that inspired Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally”

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Sure it's one of the most talked about (and talked about… and talked about) scenes in the history of film, but does anyone ever get tired of Meg Ryan's orgasm-in-the-deli scene from When Harry Met Sally? No, no they don't.

So what a delightful surprise that Billy Crystal brought some in-depth behind-the-scenes wisdom to last night's taping of The Daily Show, describing in excruciating detail a faked orgasm by director Rob Reiner. The "gruesome" display was meant to inspire Ryan to new theatrical, orgasmic heights, and though it apparently worked, it also subjected the entire set (which included Reiner's mother) to an awkward bout of Reiner "screaming, yelling, and sweating." 

Crystal was on the show to plug an upcoming Funny or Die project, so you'll have to skip to about the 6:30 mark for things to start getting orgasm-y. Or watch the full clip to see him crack a few stock jokes about the kids and their texting and their tweeting.