Watch: Brutal murder and creepy baby dolls abound in AMC’s “The Killing”

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AMC's new series, The Killing, follows the investigation of the (I assume, based on the title) murder of Rosie Larsen, a teenage girl living in rainy, appropriately moody Washington. (So, it's a lot like Twin Peaks without the little people speaking backwards.) And from what this first trailer shows, it's got everything you could want: tough lady detectives, drugged up delinquents, possibly corrupt politicians, and Michelle Forbes. (Attention to Hollywood: cast her more!)

Hm. The music's not really grabbing me, and this hit a few obvious notes. And while AMC's record is pretty spotless at the moment, give or take some episodes of The Walking Dead, we've seen a lot of crime procedurals over the years. It won't be an easy task to breathe new life into the genre. I guess if I trust anyone to do it, it's AMC.