Watch: Chelsea Handler on uncircumcised Australians and fire crotches

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Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler, the irreverent superstar comedienne who maybe dated 50 Cent, went on Conan O'Brien's show last night and boy, did she steal the spotlight. She sits down, immediately begins to attack Andy Richter's physical appearance, then starts in on an anti-redhead tirade that has something to do with being repulsed by a former ginger lover. Conan appears to be mildly insulted by her disgust concerning flame-colored pubes, but I think we're all charmed by Handler's snarky willingness to say anything.

She ends her spot by expressing trepidation regarding her upcoming visit to Australia, not because she fears dismemberment from a great white shark, but because circumcision is not a prevalent practice Down Under. Though I disagree with Ms. Handler's take on ginger men's sexual appeal, I still love her.