Watch: Christine O’Donnell, annoyed by questions, walks off set of “Piers Morgan Tonight”

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Failed Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, trying to stay relevant with a new book, Troublemaker: Let's Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again, got a little testy with Piers Morgan while taping an interview for his show, Piers Morgan Tonight, and proceeded to walk off the set mid-interview. The incomplete segment aired on Wednesday night's show. 

What set O'Donnell off were legitimate questions about her self-admitted dabblings in witchcraft and views on gay marriage, issues she addresses in her book. But O'Donnell understandably didn't want to go there, and accused Morgan of being rude. She wanted to talk about inspiring the Tea Party and their "second American revolution," but Morgan was persistent, trying to associate her with Michele Bachmann. 

Following O'Donnell's abrupt exit, Morgan tweeted:

"Ms. O'Donnell wasn't happy about me quizzing her re views on witchcraft and sex. But really flipped at gay marriage Qs. Ripped mike and fled. My first ever walk-out in 25 years of interviews. I guess viewers can decide if I was 'rude' or not tonight at 9pm ET. #CNN"

If O'Donnell has any future designs on political office, she would be well served in studying the question-dodging techniques of Bachmann, an absolute virtuoso when it comes to cop-outs and non-answers. Check out the clip from a June appearance by Bachmann on Face the Nation that had Bob Schieffer on the verge of banging his head against the desk.