Colbert psychic cat

Humanity has a longstanding fascination with psychic animals. Paul the Octopus predicted the World Cup. An orangutan in Fresno predicted the Super Bowl (Steelers!). And now, a psychic cat has predicted the outcome of the current civil unrest in Cairo.

Stephen Colbert brought out a new member of the psychic-animal family on his show last night, the brilliantly named "Christiane Aman-Purr". After some initial hesitation, the cat indicated that the demonstrations are not a grassroots democratic uprising, but part of an "Islamic Power Grab" by extremist interests in the region. 

I'm not always a fan of Colbert at his zaniest, but this was pretty funny. I also hope and trust that this — like the psychic predictions of all animals — is bullshit. (Go Packers!)

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Crisis in Egypt
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Commentarium (3 Comments)

Feb 03 11 - 1:37pm
Fee Lyne

O great. It's not enough that the world is going to the dogs; it's going to the cats too. Seriously: I'd like to know (or maybe I wouldn't) how they got a cat to sit still for that long, rather than dash away in terror.

Feb 03 11 - 5:41pm


Feb 04 11 - 4:08am

Why waste psychic animals on sports? Ahaha