Watch: Conan O’Brien hosts his show in jeggings

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Have I mentioned my love of Conan O'Brien? (And I mean the romantic kind, not the "Team Coco" kind. I'm a sucker for an Irishman.) And have I mentioned my hatred for "jeggings," the abominable combination of jeans and leggings? It is those two emotions that keep me from fully understanding how I feel about the following clip. (I lie. I clearly love it.)

The back story: Conan O'Brien, while interviewing Tim Gunn this week, found out that men do in fact wear jeggings and then promised to do the same for an entire show. And the man doesn't lie! Now you can see him — a lot of him — strut his stuff in the hateful apparel:

What do you think, readers? Are jeggings ever acceptable? Or only on our favorite ginger talk-show host?