Watch: Conan O’Brien’s inevitable “Friday” parody

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Conan O'Brien is pretty pissed at that Rebecca Black kid. The viral tween sensation of "Friday" fame, it seems, isn't the only one who can vocally emote about days of week. In fact, if last night's episode of Conan is any indication, she totally ripped our dear Coco off. Check out his video for "Thursday," complete with Captain Crunch and an inexplicable rapper cameo (that's what makes it a real song, duh) and you be the judge. Just jump to the 2:16 minute mark of his latest video diary.

The joke's probably on all of us though. "Friday" just sold two-million downloads on iTunes, so Black's making serious bank. Unless of course those evil overlords at the Ark Music Factory take ninety-percent of the profit.