Watch: Eddie Vedder on “Letterman” keeps it real with the ukulele

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To have David Letterman kiss your ass means you've done good, like cutting off your own arm to survive, or winning the Indy 500. So Eddie Vedder is in good company. Having fought the good fight, and poured out his soul on grungy Pearl Jam classics like Ten, Vs., and Vitalogy, it was time for him to turn down the amps and do the middle-aged ukulele thing. It just was.

If Don Ho was the Michael Jordan of ukulele, then Eddie Vedder is the Eddie Vedder of ukulele. He's not the Scottie Pippen of ukulele because he's not overshadowed. (And the basketball analogy isn't unwarranted, considering that Pearl Jam was originally named after NBA legend Mookie Blaylock.) On Monday's Letterman, Vedder performed "Without You," off his new album, Ukulele Songs. In a mellower tone, Vedder continues to be a bad motherplucker.