Watch: Mad Men‘s Pete Campbell and Harry Crane’s unexpected train PSA

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Even though it comes from Funny or Die, this video is a surprisingly straightforward plea to support high-speed rail. Of course, it also features all the '60s staples of smoking in the offices, drinking before driving, and demeaning women's intelligence. (Just as satirically as the actual Mad Men does it, of course.) Maybe I'm biased because trains are by far my favorite form of transportation, but I really enjoyed this:

Here's a question, though: it's always seemed apparent to me that Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and AMC have a pretty tight hold on their golden child, so does that mean this got approval from the higher-ups? Does it not matter because they never use their characters' names, so for all we know it's actually the Duchess of York and Merton von Fakename advocating for high-speed rail? Someone who know more about this than I do, please feel free to jump in.