Watch SNL take on contraception debate

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Although Zooey Deschanel delivered a perfectly acceptable performance as SNL host last weekend, many SNL-watchers speculated that this week's host, former cast member Maya Rudolph, would raise the bar. Or at least that she wouldn't, unlike last week's musical guest, Karmin, make people all across America try to give themselves air embolisms by shooting hypodermic needles directly into their eyeball veins. (I dunno, I saw it on Law and Order once so I guess it's a thing.)

Last night, Rudolph (with musical guest Sleigh Bells) failed to disappoint. Though her acclaimed Whitney Houston impression didn't make it on the air, her equally acclaimed Beyonce impression did; as did the return of "Bronx Beat," "The Maya Angelou Prank Show," and another installment of the eternally divisive What Up With That? sketch, with a cameo appearance by none other than Bill O'Reilly himself (my two cents: Jason Sudeikis doing the Running Man and the Roger Rabbit will never stop being funny). 

The highlight of the evening, however, was the return of the Weekend Update segment "Really?!?!: With Seth and Amy," in which Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler expressed their consternation over the Congressional hearings on the birth-control debate, which boasted a grand total of exactly zero women in attendance. Thank you, Seth and Amy, for bringing voice to millions of American women's frustration — and for introducing us to the new budget airline Transvaginal Airways.