Watch: Facebook enemies the Winklevoss twins resort to making a pistachio ad

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Look, I can understand why someone like Levi Johnston would make a pistachio ad; for a while there, Levi was apparently having some money problems even despite his media appearances and deal with Playgirl. (Still upset about that letdown, I have to say.) So sure, go make some dough with a commercial for nuts. But don't the Winklevii¹, as Mark Zuckerberg calls them, have, like… a lot of money? And not even from their settlement with Facebook, but just from life and their family? What terrible thing must the Wonderful Pistachios people have on them that they agreed to do this?

Of course, maybe they just wanted to do it, but that seems like a thing wacky, up-for-anything celebrities like Amy Sedaris or Christopher Walken would do. Not two litigious millionaires who were on a college rowing team. That being said, they do seem to be pretty game for mocking that whole Facebook imbroglio. That being said, I wish they could be played by Armie Hammer all the time.

¹Giant nerd alert: my Latin's a little rusty, but that is just not a correct pluralization. While there is in Old Latin an -os ending — we can ignore the extra "s" for this moment — the long "i" Zuckerberg uses for the pronunciation of "Winklevii" was and should be rendered with a singular vowel. Think of this as time-saving advice, Mark.

And yes, these are the things I think about. Ask me about the proper plural of "octopus" sometime.