Watch: Fox Business host asks viewers “Who should be waterboarded?”

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What do Keith Olberman, Barack Obama, the ladies of The View and your ex-wife all have in common? They're all people Fox News viewers would like to see waterboarded. Fox Business host, Eric Bolling, read off this list of desired torture victims on air yesterday with a cavalier grin. Think of it as his way of celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden, whom he claims "was gotten through waterboarding, simple as that" (despite numerous reports to the contrary). 

Regardless of your thoughts on the questionable means of interrogation, it's a sadly hilarious state of affairs when a news program debate devolves into a middle-school-style revenge fantasy, (even if it airs on a network with a dubious reputation). On next week's episode, look forward to a rousing round of "marry, fuck, kill" featuring Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton and Michele Bachmann.