Watch: Freaky woman thinks eating ice cream bars is “almost like having a lover”

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We humans have always turned to ice cream for solace when we get down in the romantic dumps. Cute boy from that party hasn't called yet tonight? Get some ice cream. Ex-girlfriend sleeping with your best friend? Yup, ice cream. Groom-to-be woke up lost in Bangkok with a face tattoo on your wedding day? A thorough STD test for him and, afterward, ice cream for you!

But TLC's Freaky Eaters knows at least one person out there to whom ice cream is more than a friend — it's a lover. The woman in the video below has what she says is an addiction to ice-cream bars, and she eats up to forty of the things a day. "They caress my throat all the way down to my stomach," she tells us. "It's almost like having a lover." Yikes!