Watch: Glenn Beck explains inflation by talking to a bunch of cupcakes

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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is known for using goofy props to help him explain the world; the chalk-board flowchart and pointer routine is one of his most parodied. Or, it was, until the night before last, when he broke out the cupcakes.

The bizarrely twee segment begins with Glenn approaching a table of cupcakes and saying "Hello cupcakes, I miss you. Do you miss me?" in a sing-songy voice.

He then launches into a brief history of global finance taking us from World War II to present day, more or less. There are more than a few moments than an economist might take issue with, but it's still worth watching, if only for the moment where Glenn holds his quivering hands around a plate of cupcakes and growls, "Gold. In my world, this is gold."