The Glenn Beck network has a new show for kids

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Finally the place where truth lives can also be the place where fun lives. Glenn Beck's network, GBTV, is launching a kids' television show this Monday. The show, called Liberty Treehouse, looks like a sober Nickelodeon with politically instructive segments, a smattering of sixty-year-old cartoons, and, as always, a selection of the finest butchery of historical/current events insane punditry can offer. I'm thinking "fun with straw polls," so basically, no fun at all. 

As Beck explains below, the show takes its roots (ha!) from the Liberty Tree:

So does that mean the Liberty Tree is a tree where the Sons of Liberty lynched effigies of tax collectors while tarring and feathering a real tax collector, all while Thomas Jefferson was far away writing the document "many of our citizens used to know as the Declaration of Independence?" Look at that logo. Even the logo looks… charged. 

The show isn't hosted by Glenn Beck, by the way. It's hosted by by this hip young guy, which is great, because to the average child, I feel like Glenn Beck looks like everyone you've been conditioned to fear and avoid.