My Strange Addiction continues to be one of the most accurately-titled shows on television, and the upcoming July 24 episode does absolutely nothing to alter that reputation. Twenty-five-year-old "adult baby" "Riley" is featured, a transgender girl unabashedly taken with paraphilic infantilism. She spends half the day dressed as a baby, loving her some footie pajamas, and sleeps in her "crib," sucking on a pacifier of course. And... yeah.

I'm a complete dummy about the AB/DL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover) scene, but I would guess that "Riley" is considered pretty hardcore. Could it be that "Riley" is attempting to recapture a missed girlhood? Or do I come crashing down on that particular limb? Whatever it is, I give "Riley" props for exposing her regression/ age-play lifestyle to a national audience like that. And next to that guy who married his Real Doll, she looks totally normal.



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Jul 24 11 - 12:01pm

I dated a trans girl with an AB/DL fetish for a minute. Nice girl but I ultimately couldn't cater to her fetish, it's just really not my thing at all and I knew I wouldn't be able to maintain over the long run. All the GGG in the world doesn't make up for, "God, damn, I am totally indifferent and not at all turned on by this thing you NEED a lot of to be happy." My limited experience of the community is that she's not really that hardcore in terms of what she's into, just most people don't have the resources to live that lifestyle 24/7 and a good many don't want to come out because it would freak out their employers, families, etc. Although plenty also don't WANT to take it to that extreme and are happy dressing up with their partners once or twice a week during sex. Just like every fetish/subculture/lifestyle out there, there's a range. Good on this gal for coming out.
And yeah pretty much any pseudo-Freudian armchair psychology about why people do the things they do without, you know, actually knowing the person, is going to come crashing down. It isn't really something I would recommend practicing and I got my degree in Psych, pseudo-Freudian armchair and otherwise, so take that as you may.

Jul 24 11 - 1:18pm

When TV started out, it was a way for news and great entertainment to reach the masses. When commercialism took over, it was about drawing eyeballs to advertisers. The situation comedy, the Soap, the Drama...all in tidy little bits that could be broken up by a barker with his wares. But the viewing public grows bored easily, so ever more "unique" or "interesting" topics were sought. Live action! Reality shows! Each one a bit more base. Why not gladiators?...we get wrestling and RAW. Let us show people behaving Catch a Predator. COPS. And now, as the programmers scrape ever closer to the green part of the melon, the display of every fetish imaginable. The advertising machine must be fed at all costs. They might have dispensed with all pretense and just run a continuous loop of a canival side show, but I swear, all those acts have already been covered in separate documentaries.

To say that the end is nigh is to become one of two native americans sitting on horseback, watching a long wagon train traverse their prairie homeland and remark, "Where the hell did all these people come from?"

Jul 24 11 - 4:15pm
Did you know that

The only point I would dispute in your furiout tirade is the image of Native Americans on horseback watching the Europeans arrive, as North American horses went extinct around the time humans arrived. The horses you know today all came over with the white conquistadors and settlers.

*now you know*

Jul 24 11 - 4:20pm

Yeah, the words of Bronson Pinchot from Beverly Hills's not sexy

Jul 24 11 - 8:34pm

I saw something like this about 40 year old man not too long ago. It's a bit weird, but eh, it's whatever.

Jul 24 11 - 9:12pm

Grow the hell up! This is really dumb.

Jul 25 11 - 7:11am

This is beyond really dumb. This is truly fucking inane. As in, fucking retards. Literally, emotionally retarded to the point of... retardation.

Jul 24 11 - 11:29pm

what dressed as adult baby get a life before you turn older.

Jul 24 11 - 11:35pm

Riley dressing as an adult Baby is cute for her own good looks since we all watch the RugRats

back then it makes us feel like them Rugrats Babies goodtime Chilhood shows back then.

i respect Riley if she wants to be clean & dressed as a girl baby everyday cool.

Jul 25 11 - 11:11am

Is this a spambot? I don't understand what this meant... at all. Are you comparing people who watch the Rugrats to AB/DL?

Jul 25 11 - 8:31am

How is this an addiction?

Jul 25 11 - 1:49pm

fetish, addiction, lifestyle choice, hobby, mental illness. don't ask questions, we have television to make!

Jul 25 11 - 4:53pm

people make no sense at all riley is just a big fake adult baby.

Jul 25 11 - 4:59pm

riley is number one with the adult baby looks & redhaed.

Jul 25 11 - 5:04pm

for a 25 year old women riley is realy standing up for herself for what she thinks is right 4 her

GodBlees you Riley you go girl go be the adult baby girl &let know body tells you diffrent.

Jul 25 11 - 5:17pm

i just can't stand how teen women pr any other girls have babys because its to dangers & kills them and there are too many of them in the world as it is right now i'm just sayin for women & girls safety.

Because they should be themselfs from on don't get involded with any males or females you don't know or someone that you think you trust but they hurt Riley's feelings and thats wrong.

if Riley wants two dress up as a teen baby let her all of you should stay away from riley.

Jul 25 11 - 5:20pm

i wonder if riley has a illness for being dummer as an adult baby.

why don't riley just die and get it over herself.

Jul 25 11 - 5:30pm

you all haters say such means things about poor riley i agree with you john, tammy,jj.

woman & teen Girls should stop thinking about having Babys of there own think safety and

stand for up yourself what is right power to all the girls.

take good care of yourself riley & belive in yourself & let the lord Jesus Christ come to your Heart.

Jul 01 12 - 2:50pm
Meredith Austin


Jul 25 11 - 11:24pm

Wow this article pulled in a lot of insane, barely-literate people. What the hell?

Jul 26 11 - 10:55am

YOU try typing with a full diaper.

Jul 29 11 - 8:20pm

I don't get it.
Of course, I have a disability so I guess you could say I've had my fill of being cared for and of going to the bathroom on myself, thanks very much.(She could have mine, honest. But I do appreciate my cisgender female identity...not sure I'd want to *swap*, exactly...)
Still, I kind of liked her, in spite of it all.

Jul 30 11 - 5:28pm

is that a female born as guy mixed when i say this video on tlc channel i was confused but

i had laughs & its funny good video hope to see the adult baby videoof my Strange addiction on tlc channel again this year.

i wonder what youtubers HarleyMK69, JoeyBlondewolf2 & Wolfie BlackHeart have to say about this adult baby freak on there youtube videos as a review.

hope riley travels to lamar MO sometime at walmart maybe.

wonder what the amish & minnonites have to about riley.

Aug 02 11 - 12:16pm

Clearly this girl has mental issues. No doubt about it. What makes the whole situation even scarier is that there are probably hundreds of thousands of people in this country with similar mental problems and no one helps them. These are the types of people who drag down our economy. Do they work ? No. Do they contribute anything to society? No.
Waaaa I can't work, I'm a baby !!
Waaaa I have no money, please give me food stamps !!
Waaaa Somebody take care of me !!
Some meds wouldn't hurt either.

Nov 12 11 - 2:35am
really now

Many of us have the same "issues" but are fully contributing members of society. In fact, I work---I bet I make more $$ than you do. Not everyone is as open as riley, I applaud those like her who try to make it easier for the rest of us. Self-rituous people like you need to be left on an iceberg to bitch and moan at each other. What have YOU done to make the world a better place? Oh yeah, nothing.

Aug 08 11 - 2:48am

So, this episode re-aired tonight. Last week I did an interview with Riley right after the show aired the first time:

She had a lot to say.

Jul 01 12 - 3:05pm
Meredith Browne

Don't worry about what others say about you. God created us in his own image. That includes everyone. You have a courageous heart to share with the world what you have endured. People are ignorant and don't accept prople that are different. I applaud your courage and believe that your story will help others in the same predicament. Maybe that is your purpose for being here, and you will help so many others who are too afraid to be who they are. If you want to continue your life as a baby, then do so! If this brings you peace and comfort for the atrocities that you have endured in your life, thenby alll means live your life to be happy. You are harning no one. You are an agel sent by God to show the world what love and acceptance means. God bless you.

Meredith Browne
Ausitn, Texas