Watch: Grown woman lives her life as an “adult baby” on “My Strange Addiction”

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My Strange Addiction continues to be one of the most accurately-titled shows on television, and the upcoming July 24 episode does absolutely nothing to alter that reputation. Twenty-five-year-old "adult baby" "Riley" is featured, a transgender girl unabashedly taken with paraphilic infantilism. She spends half the day dressed as a baby, loving her some footie pajamas, and sleeps in her "crib," sucking on a pacifier of course. And… yeah.

I'm a complete dummy about the AB/DL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover) scene, but I would guess that "Riley" is considered pretty hardcore. Could it be that "Riley" is attempting to recapture a missed girlhood? Or do I come crashing down on that particular limb? Whatever it is, I give "Riley" props for exposing her regression/ age-play lifestyle to a national audience like that. And next to that guy who married his Real Doll, she looks totally normal.