Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow sexually harasses a bunch of high schoolers on “Glee”

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For those of you who still watch Glee, I have a question: it's pretty obvious that every adult character on that show should be in jail for one reason or another, right? (Except maybe Will, if only because you can't put someone in jail just for being an idiot.)

And Gwyneth Paltrow's now recurring character, Holly Holiday, is no different, as this clip from tomorrow night's episode, "Sex," shows. Watch as she sings "Do You Wanna Touch Me?", caresses all her underage charges, and engages is some light chair dancing:

Really, Will Schuester? You think this Kidz Bop version of a True Blood orgy might be too much for a high-school classroom? Someone get this man a teacher-of-the-year award, stat. And which was Paltrow more (or less) successful at, readers: channeling Joan Jett or channeling Cee-Lo?