Watch: “Hannity” debate gets laughably physical

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Fox News is a deeply divisive subject, but watching two old white men get huffy and girl-slap each other is a joy that transcends political boundaries. So let's all come together and enjoy watching Fox News analyst Pat Caddell get ever-so-slightly physical with conservative talk-show host Hugh Hewitt.

The footage is hilarious for a couple of reasons: for one, they're pretty much saying the same thing — Congress is "screwed up." Caddell, perhaps more even-handedly, thinks that both parties are in the wrong, while Hewitt just keeps talking over him that it's only the Democrats that are the problem.

"Will you stop interrupting me, Hugh?" Caddell shouts, prompting a mature response of "No, I won't!" from Hewitt, at which point Caddell sort of push-shoves him, prompting one of the most brilliant "Who, me?" looks ever from Hewitt at 1:03, followed by a sassy little shake of the head that's just precious.

The camera cuts back to Hannity, who has to pump the brakes a little bit — "Everyone, take a break," he says, sounding like an exasperated Scoutmaster.

Watching Caddell's impotent, frothing rage build and Hewitt's "Did I do that?" face is either a damning condemnation of how political discourse works in this country nowadays or just great theater. Enjoy it through whatever lens lets you sleep at night.