Watch: James Franco’s explicit rendition of the “Three’s Company” theme song

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"MTV doesn't have the cojones to do my lyrics," said James Franco, referring to his foul-mouthed version of the theme to Three's Company.

But before we get to that, you're probably wondering why James Franco even has a dirty version of the theme to Three's Company ready to be sung at a moment's notice. If so, you perhaps didn't know that Franco debuted Three's Company: The Drama at this weekend's Sundance Festival. It's not a movie but a multimedia art installation, one in which he and some buddies reenact an episode of the sitcom as a drama (a sitdram?). Laugh tracks and lighthearted high jinks are left at the apartment door, while "the sex jokes and desperation [are] amped up." The picture above is from the afterparty, where he pretended to be Suzanne Somers.

Watch the clip below to see a man slowly, publicly losing his mind.