Watch: Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams drop weird sexual innuendoes as they Slow Jam the News

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Famously-funny-for-an-anchorman Brian Williams once again joined Jimmy Fallon for a segment of Slow Jam the News the other night, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon fans were treated to a "sexy" breakdown of debt-crisis minutiae. It devolved into a double-entendre-fest (bonus points for Boehner's "caucus blockers"), but the subject needs something to get people's attention. The national castor-oil-taking that's called for isn't the most attractive topic, but if anyone can help it go down with an R&B flourish, it's the Roots.

The debt-ceiling issue is supposed to transcend politics, so there is something almost sadly funny about any face-spiting lack of political compromise. The chat shows will distract us as we scratch our heads. And YouTube will provide us with rappers like Remy Munasifi, who has racked up almost a quarter-million hits this week rhyming, with a surprisingly assured flow, about "quantitative statutory budget restraints" in his "Raise the Debt Ceiling Rap." Remy knows what time it is, as "making it rain" has led to us being "straight outta twenties."