Watch: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake continue bromance with History of Rap, Part 2

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There is nothing to not love about this. Despite any criticism of Jimmy Fallon you might have (yes, he broke incessantly on SNL, but come on, it's been years — let it go!), you have to admit the man has a knack for making video clips that have you jamming at your desk the next morning. Here's Jimmy with Justin Timberlake, on hand to promote Friends with Benefits and always game for going the extra publicity mile, performing “The History of Rap, Part 2.” Highlights this round: every song you've ever liked, shameless silly dancing, and the feeling of vindication over always preferring *NSYNC to Backstreet Boys.

The only nitpicking I have is: “Just A Friend.” It's the grandstanding finale, but the Biz Markie classic has already been covered on Fallon by Jeff Goldblum, with very sexy results. Which version is better?