Watch: Joan Rivers gets waterboarded on TV

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Joan Rivers

In what might be the most unsettling thing I've seen on TV, Joan Rivers' grandson waterboarded her on her TV show last night. On show, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, grandma Joan Rivers is playing with her grandson and his little friends when they ask if they can torture her. Really. Apparently, the youth of the nation imagines playing war in a very twenty-first-century way.

In an unsettling scene that reminds me of a mini-frat party populated by babies, the kids lead Joan to 'the grass of death," and say, "Don't be shy — lay down, girl." (It's a rare command that can sound both rape-y and like it might be directed to a horse.) Once they get Joan on the ground, they put a towel over her face and dribble water on her face, while Joan screams and sputters.

I can't tell whether Joan is being a good sport or if the water actually aggravates her that much. If it's the latter, I'm incredulous, since I'm pretty sure her face could live through a nuclear holocaust. Just Joan's face and the cockroaches.