Watch: Jon Stewart calls CPAC a roast

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Jon Stewart The Daily Show

The Daily Show returned from a week-long break on Monday with Jon Stewart lamenting that all the big news had happened while he was on break: the Egyptian president resigned, the world responded to the resignation, and then Fox News responded to that. And a glorious response it was — so much so that he had to spend all Monday making fun of it. 

Which is why he didn't get to CPAC until last night. But it was worth the wait. 

"This year it's a roast! Only with Barack Obama as their Pamela Anderson, and Socialism as their 'she was married to someone with a comically large penis.'"

That's a good joke. Until you watch the entire clip, and realize it really does sound like the political equivalent of junior-high name calling. Then it's just mildly enraging.