Watch: Local news uses Shake Weight to make penis jokes

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Local news shake weight penis jokes!

So I'm not much of a South Park fan — in fact, I generally try to avoid it — but sometimes late at night when you've had an immoderate amount of beer and maybe just a little bit of your roommate's [insert your roommate's drug of choice here], South Park happens. That's how I first learned of the Shake Weight, an exercise thingy that South Park recently parodied to death in an episode that my roommate still talks about. And to be completely fair, it was a pretty funny episode.

As it happens, other people thought it was funny too! Like the news crew at KTLA, who decided to use the Shake Weight to make an insane amount of dick jokes on a 6 a.m. telecast! There are even race-based punch lines: "What if I have a small white one?" asks one concerned journalist. Watch the video below for the answer to his question.