Watch: main character on “Community” secretly delivers a baby in the background

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Community is currently my favorite sitcom on TV. (I'm sorry, 30 Rock and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia!) And it's not just because Joel McHale, formerly known as "that guy who hosts The Soup, right?" is so surprisingly buff. The ensemble cast's incredible chemistry and its clever, but not cloying, meta-commentary on television and pop culture really are top-notch.

Last week's episode — spoilers ahead, so beware — focused on most of the characters coming to terms with mortality (some of the others were focused on, uh, wrestling in oil). The show managed to be both sad and hilarious, which was impressive. But also impressive was the blink-and-you'll-miss it back story featuring Abed, the "narrator" of the group played by Danny Pudi. I didn't catch it the first time, though I knew something was off about his conspicuous absence. Thankfully, someone's edited together all the clips. Look for the green hoodie:

A nice reminder that sometimes we can obsess so much about death that we forget about the life going on around us. Also, a funny Easter egg for those people who take their TV comedy seriously.