Watch: Meat Loaf loses it at Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice

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Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf has not been this fierce since playing the gargantuan-breasted Bob on Fight Club. On last night's Celebrity Apprentice, he tore into Gary Busey over some art supplies, since apparently, Mr. Loaf bought sponges for his project that he wasn't willing to share. The last time I saw this violent a fight over arts and crafts, it was kindergarten and someone ended up with a Lego in his eye, so I guess I admire Meat Loaf's restraint in keeping this altercation purely verbal.

Aside from the network TV mouth-blur (if you can't see his mouth, he could be saying anything), the funniest part of this whole ordeal is Busey's face. He managed not to emote at all, and if you know anything about his crazy ass, that is pretty impressive. More than anything, I'm sure Gary was shocked — Meat Loaf looks like a part-time mall Santa. Once upon a time, though, he was bad ass-ish. Or, as he put it, "The last person in the fucking world you ever fucking want to fuck with!"