Watch: MTV attempts to woo the hipsters with “Weird Vibes”

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Clearly, MTV is having a moment of uncomfortable self-awareness. The network lifted up its head, focused its bleary eyes on the dingy flophouse walls around it, and decided it had to stop free basing Teen Mom. This is how I'm interpreting the arrival of Weird Vibes, a hipster-baiting throwback to the days when the M in MTV actually stood for… Magic? Mumm-Ra? I don't know, something with M:

I'm not someone who is particularly upset by MTV's lack of music videos. It's never going to beat YouTube, which has the advantages of instant gratification and an endless library of things to watch, and so it makes sense for the network to stick more or less to traditional television programming. But I'd be more than happy to see some more music videos sprinkled in among all the repeats of Real World vs Road Rules: Return to Stomach Pump Valley. Which I guess means I'm down with Weird Vibes in principle. (Such soaring praise, I know.)

That being said: you are trying really, really hard here, MTV. You're coming off as a bit desperate. Take off at least one item of day-glo clothing, put down your thrift-store coonskin cap (it's August, MTV!), and calm down a bit. It will be a better look for you, I swear.