Watch: New trailer out for Sarah Palin’s Alaskan adventure reality TV show

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Sarah Palin new reality TV show

Don't misunderestimate Sarah Palin's new eight-week reality series, Sarah Palin's Alaska, on TLC. It's got a lot of snow and trees and outdoor activity — in fact, it's practically in Russia.

TLC, owned by the Discovery Network, is known for programming featuring either people on the job (American Chopper) or unnaturally large families (19 Kids & Counting). Sarah Palin's Alaska appears to be an attempt to get back to nature while appealing to Joe Sixpack.

If the trailer is to be believed, the documentary series won't just show Palin conquering the great wide open; it will also give viewers a peek into her domestic life. In one shot, she's shown holding her son Trig and hanging out in her house in athletic shorts. "Family comes first, it's just got to be that way," Palin says.

The trailer also shows a small plane soaring through the sky and Palin rowing down river. "This is flipping fun! Why can't we ever just be satisfied with tranquility!" shouts the former governor.

I think I speak for the American people (the ones I like) when I ask, "But isn't TLC "The Learning Channel"? Isn't it kind of strange that someone so against protecting the environment is whooping it up in nature?" Still, I love watching stupid people on reality TV. This one was almost Vice President! The show premieres November 14 and will air on Sundays at 9 pm EST. I think a drinking game is in order.