Watch next week’s “True Blood:” Will Tara finally get some backbone?

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Based on this preview clip, it seems distinctly possible. Tara has always been one of the audience's least favorite characters — supposedly a take-no-shit kind of woman who's spent her entire life taking care of herself, but in actuality making some of the dumbest decisions of anyone in Bon Temps (which is really saying something).

Her abduction by the clearly insane vampire Franklin held promise, though. Would she become a vampire herself? Or would she finally start using her head and figure out a way to get the fuck out? Thankfully, it was the latter, and seeing her actually doing something instead of reacting was a treat. Of course, then shit got real when the writers had her go to the rape victim support group, and reminded us all that while Franklin was often hilarious, he was also a kidnapping monster.

Whatever support Tara found there seemed to have helped, because when Franklin found her once again, she told him that he could go ahead and kill her, but she wasn't going to be scared of him anymore. Luckily, Jason came along and killed him. And if this clip of the immediate aftermath is any indication, it seems like Tara is finally going to take charge of some things like we were always told she could:

What do you think, readers? Is the character of Tara on the road to audience redemption? Or have you been so annoyed by her in the past that there's no hope?