Watch: Ricky Gervais meet Steve Carell on The Office

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Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell

It may have only lasted a minute but Steve Carell's chance run-in with Ricky Gervais in an elevator on The Office last night provided one of the series' greatest moments in at least five years. And it's every bit hilarious as you'd expect. Reprising his role as former titan of the paper industry David Brent, Gervais effortlessly bantered with Carell, and lapsed into some inappropriate characters — British mate Reginald Poofta and an expletive-laden Chinese fellow, among them. 

The two prove that comedy, indeed, is where the mind goes to tickle itself. In terms of guest appearances, Will Ferrell's upcoming four-episode story arc sure has an awful lot to live up to. Savor this moment while it lasts. And yes, that's what she said.