Watch: Rosario Dawson is really into planking

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The internet phenomenon of planking seems to only be gaining steam, and who doesn't love to simulate rigor mortis, right? Rosario Dawson certainly does, and if you thought the actress from Grindhouse/Death Proof, Sin City and Unstoppable was cool, now she's even cooler. (And she already was cooler than you thought: she once dated Jay-Z.)

The thirty-two-year-old New Yorker was on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, and viewers were treated to photos of some of Dawson's more memorable "planks," as well as a live, in-studio plank on Kimmel's desk. I'm also happy to see that Dawson is not just a beautiful person on the outside: she's "planking for peace."

In the other video you see The Twinz, who are backup dancers for Prince, and Dawson appears (face down of course) as the planker dressed all in black.