Watch: Roseanne Barr returns to TV with “Roseanne’s Nuts”

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Where are we, as a general culture, when it comes to Roseanne? I can never quite figure that question out — obviously, creating and starring in Roseanne gets you a lot of credit. But then she did that Hitler photo shoot, which many people did not like. But then she wrote that really great piece in New York Magazine about her experiences with TV. For some none of this matters, because to them she is just too much. But I love people who are "too much," as long as I can keep a safe distance. So I'm excited for her foray into reality TV, Roseanne's Nuts, about her life on a macadamia farm in Hawaii. (Seriously.)

Now Lifetime has released the first clips from the show, and it looks… it looks like Roseanne on a farm. Just picture that, whether you're a fan of the woman or not, and you will have a pretty accurate idea of what this show is like and whether or not you should watch it:

Here she is, almost doing some yard work:

And, just for fun, here she is, almost witnessing the slaughter of a pig:

Oh, Roseanne. I'd say, "never change," but that would be unnecessary because it is clear you never will.