Watch: Sarah and Bristol Palin kill fish with a billy club

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Sarah Palin

In case Sarah Palin really needed any extra "creepy mom" points, last night's episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska serves up plenty. On a friendly family fishing trip, things take a turn for the terrifying when Palin wields a billy club (yes, an actual billy club) to put several halibut out of their misery, then eggs on her daughter Bristol to do the same. As Bristol gives the giant fish — who knew halibut were that big and didn't automatically come in the shape of fish sticks? — a sound beating, Sarah speaks for all of us as she muses, "I wonder what she's picturin'?" Later, they celebrate their victory over the sea by pulling out the still-beating heart of one of the victims. Could this be foreshadowing for what Palin plans to do to Gawker?