Watch: Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV as twins with “Ringer”

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Remember when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a big deal and it seemed inevitable that Sarah Michelle Gellar would become super famous? And then instead no one from that show did very well except for Alyson Hannigan? It was a shame — I still maintain that Gellar was fan-freaking-tastic in episodes like "Prophecy Girl" and "The Gift" — but it looks like she'll get another chance to make it with Ringer, in which she plays identical twins, one of whom is a recovering drug addict and one of whom is conveniently dead:

It does give me pause that the show is being handled by the CW, a channel that bungled Veronica Mars. But Gellar has always done well in genre pieces, and her supporting cast looks solid, so I'm going to be optimistic about this show. Let's just hope it doesn't devolve into soap-opera histrionics.