Watch Sesame Street’s “True Blood” parody. Seriously.

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I think perhaps that Sesame Street is getting a bit confused in its dotage. Now don't get me wrong: I love Sesame Street. But maybe it's a bit inappropriate to parody a show that literally slips into soft-core porn every now and then. That didn't stop them, though — here's the legendary PBS kids show's take on "True Blood," "True Mud":

Would that even make sense to a child who hasn't seen True Blood? (My God, I hope there are no children who've seen True Blood?) Also, are grouches known for liking mud? And why does this make me so much more uncomfortable than the Mad Men parody they did? I have so many questions, but I don't think I will get any answers. (Actually, I do have an answer for the third one: it's all the fucking. That is why.)

Between this and the Katy Perry "Hot 'N' Cold" bit that was apparently cut from the schedule because of Perry's prominently displayed cleavage, I think someone's going to need to have a chat with Elmo about take a step back from the edge.