seth meyers and kermit

The House of Representatives must be pretty embarrassed today. It's one thing for a few pundits and Internet memes to mock your decision to classify pizza as a vegetable in school lunches, but it's quite another for Kermit the Frog to call you out. During last night's SNL, Kermie and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers ripped the House a new one in a very special version of "Really!?!"

Seth and Kermit get in some good jabs ("And if pizza is a vegetable now, what's broccoli? Penicillin?") but Kermit's impassioned "really!?!" has got to be the highlight. That, and his comment, "I am really going to be in trouble for that one later" after he makes a joke about sausage casings. Despite the no-holds-barred content, Kermit's presence gave an adorable edge to the "Really!?!" skit, which was made even more adorable after the fact by Seth's tweet: "Did a 'Really' with one of my heros [sic] last night."

Given Kermit's apparent dedication to fighting child obesity, Michelle Obama is probably chatting him up for a new campaign as we speak.

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Nov 20 11 - 5:11pm

Any parent who is relying on the school lunch to feed their kids should have them taken away.

Nov 20 11 - 5:25pm

So anybody poor enough to qualify for free chool lunches, and actually uses them, should lose custody of their kids?

Nov 20 11 - 7:41pm

Yes! How are you feeding your kids dinner during the week and lunch on the weekends if you are SOOO poor that you can't manage to pack a lunch? What happens during the summer?

Nov 20 11 - 8:00pm

Simple, the kids starve. You think that there aren't people going hungry in America? Yes, there are people in this country so poor that they can't afford to feed their families.

Nov 20 11 - 9:55pm

Greg, instead of acting like a person of privilage who can't believe that there are people who *SHOCK* go without food, go volunteer at your local food bank. Look those people in the eye and tell them they should have their kids taken away because they need assistance.

Nov 20 11 - 11:33pm

Oh my God you are such a pompous ass! I pay enough FREAKING TAXES that I don't need to volunteer a my local food bank. Smug self important liberals. Yes, I'm going to do that! No, I'm going to audit the children who are driven to school in nice new cars and are getting free lunches! How about that? Can I do that?

Nov 21 11 - 1:10am
Who is

"self important" if you "don't need to volunteer"? Let's just assume that everything you call other people is in fact describing yourself.

Nov 21 11 - 1:59am

@Greg If self important is the opposite of someone like you, then I'm happy to be self important. You can personally audit and make judgement calls on every single person, yes, I invite you to do so.

Nov 20 11 - 11:31pm

Ok, so now according to some statistics one in three children in America are overweight. In fact when she's not flying around the world Obama's wife's cause is childhood obesity. But now kids are hungry too!

School lunch fraud ...

Nov 21 11 - 12:45am

Just so all of you know, I'm a paid troll for the Koch Bros.

Nov 22 11 - 9:36am

Greg, childhood obesity is more prominent because the cheap food is whats eaten. When you live a certain way in your community, a way in which everyone else lives, that is what you become. Sooo, if mom and dad raised you to grow up and get a job, usually not pushing for college, because ignorance is bliss, then you spend your life working for minimum wage. Maybe you get married to a coworker, and bamn! Baby. Baby being raised on minimum salary. Work longer hours, or two jobs each, because baby is expensive. Buy cheaper food, cuz now we're working just to pay bills and feed and clothe baby(s). Get it? Disengage the silver spoon, son! Open up the blinders! While your at it, maybe thank your mom and dad for not living in a poor environment.