Watch: Seth Meyers and Kermit take on “pizza is a vegetable” standards

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seth meyers and kermit

The House of Representatives must be pretty embarrassed today. It's one thing for a few pundits and Internet memes to mock your decision to classify pizza as a vegetable in school lunches, but it's quite another for Kermit the Frog to call you out. During last night's SNL, Kermie and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers ripped the House a new one in a very special version of "Really!?!"

Seth and Kermit get in some good jabs ("And if pizza is a vegetable now, what's broccoli? Penicillin?") but Kermit's impassioned "really!?!" has got to be the highlight. That, and his comment, "I am really going to be in trouble for that one later" after he makes a joke about sausage casings. Despite the no-holds-barred content, Kermit's presence gave an adorable edge to the "Really!?!" skit, which was made even more adorable after the fact by Seth's tweet: "Did a 'Really' with one of my heros [sic] last night."

Given Kermit's apparent dedication to fighting child obesity, Michelle Obama is probably chatting him up for a new campaign as we speak.