Watch: Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon star in SNL’s live-action edition of “The Ambiguously Gay Duo”

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Back in the late nineties, Robert Smigel's animated sketch, "The Ambiguously Gay Duo," was a beloved staple of Saturday Night Live. And for a few brief minutes this weekend, it got revived, in all its double-entendre-laden glory — in human form no less. Watch as Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon (two of Hollywood's most unambiguously hilarious dudes) bring the questionably homosexual superheroes to life, with the straightest faces possible.

Oh, and Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert have prominent roles as the villains, which is fitting, since they originally voiced the homo-heroic cartoon duo back in the day (as if they needed to add anything else to their laundry list of comedic accomplishments). Plus, SNL host, Ed Helms, comes along for the ride too. If any classic SNL bit was deserving of a revival, this was it. In other words, nineties nostalgia never felt so right.