Watch: A preview of Starz’ gritty, sexed-up remake of “Camelot”

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Little known historical fact: everyone in the past was just having sex all the time. All day, every day, in many positions and with surprising inventiveness. Ancient Rome? All orgies. The Hundred Years War? Full of threeways. The Age of Enlightenment? Really into pegging.

At least that's what I've learned from every historical TV series made after 2000 or so. And Starz' reinterpretation of the legend of King Arthur is going to be no different: it's all sword fights and sexual intrigue. (I was going to make a "penetration" joke there, but then I felt cheap.)

Which is exactly why I am going to watch it:

Does anyone else find the sentence "You will see the Lady in the Lake, but it will not be any lady you've ever seen in any lake before" absolutely hilarious? "Damn it, I was hoping to see my friend Alice Brenner, whom I once saw swimming in Lake Placid!"