Watch: Stephen Colbert licks food off of Martha Stewart’s chest

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Martha Stewart — domestic goddess, business magnate, ex-con — appeared on The Colbert Report last night not only to chat with Stephen Colbert about how she gets turkeys drunk before killing them with her bare hands but also to learn how to make some, um… unique hors d'oeuvres from the man. (A few ingedients involved: Wonder Bread, mayo, Kool Aid mix.)

Both Stewart and Colbert are pretty charming throughout, but the real highlight of the interview is when Martha spills some "paté," which is really just liverwurst mixed with ketchup, on herself. Which is when Colbert decides to help with the cleanup, using his mouth:

Say what you will about Martha, but she is nothing if not game. (See her hilarious clip of baking cookies with Snoop Dogg for even more proof.)