Watch Stephen Colbert testify before Congress

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Remember when news broke that Stephen Colbert would testify before Congress? And no one was sure if it was real, or if he would be in character or not? (If you don't remember: Stephen Colbert was asked to testify before Congress, more specifically the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, by Rep. Zoe Lofgren. Most likely because he was one of sixteen people in all of the US, along with Rep. Lofgren, to participate in Take Our Jobs, a program that let people work for a day as a migrant farmers.)

Well, today was the day. And it turns out that Colbert managed, more or less, to both be in character and make an actual statement about the program, how difficult the work was, and some possible solutions to the problems faced my these migrant workers, many of whom are illegal immigrants. I'm still not totally sure what went on here, or how in on the joke everyone was, but… it was funny? Watch for yourself:

I hope — though I can already tell it will be somewhat in vain — that people don't let the jokes (and they are good ones) overshadow the message. Part of me wonders if he would have been more effective just playing it straight, but it certainly wouldn't have made quite as much of a stir.