Watch: Summer’s Eve releases creepy, kind of racist new ads

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Summer's Eve has unleashed a new ad campaign, and it's hard to know where to begin with this. In a series of clips, talking hands that represent vaginas beg their respective owners to douse them in Summer's Eve. So, there's that. But, in order to demonstrate that this is a vagina-cleaner for the everywoman, Summer's Eve made a few different versions of the ad catering to different ethnic groups, with some pretty uncomfortable deployment of cultural stereotypes. 

Above, a sassy black vagina uses a lot of awkward "mm-hmms" and "girrrrls" to get the point across, and below, an (also sassy) Hispanic vagina drops a few "ay-yi-yis" then starts yelling in Spanish about your choice of tacky leopard-print thong:

Perhaps worst of all is the clip below, in which the vagina in question coins the single ickiest nickname for lady parts that I've ever come across, the "vertical smile." That is, after imploring you to be its BFF and dropping a timely vajazzling reference:

These new spots will likely leave you with a lot of confusing questions and feelings. First and foremost among them: does anyone ever, ever call it a "vertical smile?" I need answers.