Watch: The cast of “Happy Endings” performs a live comedy show at UCB

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The cast of ABC's Happy Endings — which is by far the best Friends knock-off on TV right now, and you really should check it out when it returns on September 28 — showed up at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles recently, and while we couldn't all be in L.A. or in the theater itself, we can all watch this recording of the show. (Well, if you're not at work, that is. Because it's like an hour long.) As an added bonus, Rob McElhenney from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia shows up to help out. Highlights include an invisible hula-hoop routine by Elisha Cuthbert and a stage reading of some fan-made Happy Endings porn:

ABC continues to come up with new and creative ways to give their comedies that aren't Modern Family as little chance to gain a following as possible, so get this stuff while you can. Or you could also tune in to the show and maybe the network gods will look kindly upon it. But I've been burned too many times to expect such things.