Watch The Doors cover the “Reading Rainbow” theme on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

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We know by now that karaoke freak Jimmy "The Giggler" Fallon is an uncanny mimic, evidenced by such turns as his Bob Dylan singing the Charles in Charge theme, and his dead-on Neil Young tackling Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" (joined by recent Occupy Wall Street performers, Crosby and Nash).

On Friday's Late Night, Fallon debuted his latest act of Yankovician alchemy by anachronistically singing the theme to Reading Rainbow in the guise of Jim Morrison, backed by the other "Doors." (Wild Child better watch their backs.) Reading Rainbow, of course, was the PBS children's show (1983-2006) hosted by LeVar Burton whose theme song was originally sung by Tina Fabrique, and later, Chaka Khan (who, despite what Kevin said on the most recent episode of The Office, has nothing to do with Star Trek). Fallon appears to be a Doors fan, having previously covered "Roadhouse Blues" on several occasions.

Fallon and company even went to the trouble of re-creating, in a surprisingly accurate manner, the colorful backdrop and sartorial choices on display in CBS' Studio 50 for The Doors' 1967 Ed Sullivan Show rendition of "Light My Fire." Manzarek's' mutton chops? Check. Krieger's turtleneck and checked pants? Check. Densmore's orange drum set? Yup. Morrison's leather and codein-stupor mannerisms? You know it. Only, here, instead of "Light My Fire," Fallon does a takeoff on "The End," adding his own sub-Seussian verses to the song. (I suspect "The End" was arrived at due to the common butterfly imagery shared with the Reading Rainbow theme.)

So does anyone have any suggestions on what Fallon could try next? Maybe Julian Casablancas singing the theme to Diff'rent Strokes? Fake-Lemmy of Motorhead croaking out "The Rainbow Connection?"

The Doors – Light my fire (Ed Sullivan Show) from Ulrik on Vimeo.