Watch: The far too serious trailer for MTV’s “Teen Wolf” remake

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I think someone needs to remind MTV that the original film featured a werewolf that looked more like Bigfoot breakdancing in a letterman jacket. Because it's details like that one that get people interested, as opposed to whatever warmed-over Twilight thing they're giving us in this new trailer for their Teen Wolf remake:

Where are the werewolf slam-dunks? The werewolf keggers? The werewolf truck surfing? Why must we include all these angsty feelings and love triangles and obligitory bastardizations of Romeo & Juliet plot lines? I knew this remake was going to be "darker" (literally, it seems), but did we need to lose all the fun?

This may sound harsh, but it's true: congratulations, current generation of teens. You have made all monsters boring. Bang-up job.